Friday, December 23, 2005

Getting Shook Out of His Pew

Tucker Carlson is a strange dude. (He's the former host of Crossfire that Jon Stewart so uniquely insulted while visiting as a guest.)

Anyway, he's an Episcopalian "with no plans to change". But a couple weeks ago, he blogged about "the notable lack of urgency in most Episcopal churches." It was such a vivid picture, I must quote it:
Every once in a while, as I shift in my pew listening to one of our unusually well-educated preachers expand on the Aramaic understanding of discipleship, I do wish Jesus would come back, preferably in a massive ball of fire through the ceiling of the church. Spiritually, I'm nowhere near ready to face something like that. But it'd be worth it for the shock value.

Glad I could share that with you. Click here for the whole article.


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