Thursday, June 02, 2005

On Tap

- Haircut
- Meet with someone in the advising center at Cal Poly to figure out how to calculate my transferable GPA and transferable units. I get to apply this month for readmission to Computer Science.
- Start using the Enterprise Library instead of the Microsoft Application Blocks for Exception Handling in one of my .NET websites. I think this involves building the exception handler (and logger), and then referencing in my website. I don't know if it requires that I subclass the logger. We'll see.
- Rotate tires.
- Figure out the next step in Myst III: Exile. Right now I'm stuck on Voltaic. Very frustrating, but perhaps I should try making progress in a different Age, and that will help.
- Finish memorizing the epistle to Titus. (I'm in chapter 2 right now.)
- Finish reading the book of Numbers. My buddy Jacob suggested staying in the same book for a while and continually re-read it. I know that did help when I was in Philemon, but maybe I should try that with a smaller book than Numbers. :)
- Figure out the next step with
- Run tomorrow morning.
- Swim on Tuesday morning.
- Schedule a "HealthyCheck" somewhere.
- Schedule a vision check somewhere.
- Connect to the web service and ASP.NET website that Tim created.


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