Thursday, July 13, 2006

Suffer the Little Countries

World Leaders Urge Restraint

No soverign nation should have to endure needling nuisance attacks upon its territory and people. When Israel's neighbors, ideologically, refuse to live at peace with them, why should they respond "proportionally"? Like Israel, our "allies" have strong militaries to send a message to would-be attackers that attacks can and will be met with an overwhelming response.

The Lebanese and Syrian governments would work AGAINST Hezbollah (and in a hurry) if they simply knew the rest of the world (which already condemn the attacks against Israel) would respond with, "you don't want Israel to pummel you? Then don't violate their border or their soldiers." THAT would be the QUICKEST way to bring peace to the Middle East. Coddling the anti-Israel nations will never do it.


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