Friday, August 11, 2006

See Jesus Walk the Earth

Did you realize that you can NEVER view the present? It's not possible. You can ONLY see the past. Think about it: You're viewing light that travelled to your brain from some given position (e.g., your desk, your cabinets, the person with whom you're speaking) IN THE PAST. It only SEEMS like the present, because light travels VERY fast, and you're very close to the object.

For example, if you go outside and look at the Sun, you won't see the Sun as it presently appears. You'll see the Sun as it appeared SEVEN MINUTES AGO. This gives me a good idea. The only challenge is that we must first learn to travel faster than the speed of light. BUT as soon as we figure that out...

When astronomers view the stars that sit 2000 light-years away, they are viewing the stars as those stars appeared during the time of Jesus. What if we could place a super-high-resolution telescopic videocamera 2000 light-years from Earth? Focus it on Jerusalem, and PRESTO!

Hopefully, it's not a cloudy day.


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