Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We made it to Rome, and are checked into our hostel across the street from the Vatican. (I can see the dome of St. Peters outside of the bedroom window.) It's not as comfortable as the last couple of places, and I'm not sure that I'll be able to use the Internet apart from right now, but those set a very high standard. At least we still have our own room. :)

Before leaving Florence today, we had to choose between seeing the original David at the Academia and going to the Effizi. We chose the Effizi, and managed to line up by 8am, which meant we only had to wait an hour instead of three. I must admit, however, that for 10 euro, I was a bit underwhelmed. Perhaps I just didn't have the appropriate background, though. It seemed mostly like 14th century religious paintings -- which started to all look similar after a while. Sorry to any of you who've seen it and loved it.

Anyway, being so close to the Vatican, we walked over to St. Peter's Square after dinner and hung out for a while, relaxing and taking pictures. We also saw our first couple Swiss guards, though they were in slightly more subdued uniforms instead of the colorful ones.

Tomorrow, we're going to see the inside of St. Peters, the museum, and the Sistene Chapel. Then later on the Colosseum and other ancient Roman temples and ruins.

Hopefully I get to post again from Rome, but otherwise I'll see you back in London. We'll be there Saturday night and Sunday morning, so I might just still get to go to Westminster Abbey. Perhaps for a Sunday morning service.



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