Thursday, August 18, 2005

Possessed Pooch

OK, this is just plain scary. This dog is way too smart for its size.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Just Friends? Bzzzz!!!! Wrong Answer

If I hear once more about girls complaining that guys are passive and won't "step up to the plate" and court them, I may go ballistic.

We guys face an absolute dilemma that someone needs to figure a way around.

1. Immediate commitment totally wierds a girl out and causes her to withdraw. It's too forward.

2. Getting to know a girl as friends first destroys any chance you MIGHT have of courting her. You're stuck in "The Friend Zone." And buddy, there is NO WAY OUT. Just TRY to move it to the next level. I dare you. All you'll hear is, "I really do like you as a friend, but I just don't think of you that way."

3. Casual dating. These relationships crash and burn hard. Emotional attachment forms with non-verbalized expectations and intimacy before its proper time.

OK, so, uh, help? Please? This is enough to make one pine for the days of arranged marriages.

One other thing. ATTENTION WOMEN! HEAR THIS, if a guy is asking you to do something one-on-one. IT'S A DATE. Period. End of story. He is not interested in being "just friends." He is trying to court you. 95% of guys do not hang out with girls one-on-one just as friends. They already have friends. And for those 5% who ARE hanging out one-on-one... KNOCK IT OFF!!! You are confusing women who think that it's OK to be buddy-buddy friends with a guy who is not "their" man, and you're RUINING IT FOR THE REST OF US who are under no such illusions.

Thank you. :)