Friday, December 14, 2007

Meteor Shower Tonight

It'll start low on the Eastern horizon, then gain visibility after 10. It'll be directly overhead around 2am, and comes from the same direction as the constellation Gemini. Expect 1-2 shooting stars per minute at its peak.

Mars is also bright in the sky right now, and precedes the meteor shower by about 2 hours.,2933,316754,00.html

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

One IM to Rule Them All

Do you IM people using multiple services? The official Gmail blog announced that you can now Gmail chat with AIM users.

If you have friends on several IM services, try Pidgin instead. I'm able to integrate IM from AIM, Gmail, MSN and Yahoo Chat, plus many others that I don't use into one program.

I used to use Trillian, which does a similar thing, but I couldn't make it to work with Gmail. Plus it turns out that I like Pidgin's UI better anyway.